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"Organics for Massage makes sense, combining comfort, purity and a commitment to our planet."
- Pia Zadora, Actress

 "I take pride in the products I use from Organics for Massage. They provide a luxury not available from any other fabric. This company has given me superior service and personalized, individual attention."
- Karin Johnson-Jordan, LMT.

"I like Organics for Massage products because they are competitively priced and of superior quality. Anyone with a vested interest in our future and concern for our planet can be assured they are getting the best money can buy."
- Misty Kilpatrick, CMT.

When dealing with massage, a variety of techniques can be used. In some cases, massage therapists use potentially harmful or dangerous oils or other elements in their massage. However, others tend to use a more holistic and organic approach. While the preference is up to the therapist and their clients, it can help to be well-informed about the process and how it all works.

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